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Harry Styles Boxing Is The Sexiest Thing We’ve Seen All Day (PHOTO)

Harry Styles Boxing Is The Sexiest Thing We’ve Seen All Day (PHOTO)

Harry Styles throws a few punches during his boxing work out.

Harry Styles shows off his boxing skills. Let the drooling commence.

You’re nuts if you thought One Direction‘s Harry Styles did something like Zumba to get his buff, toned body (even though his recent twerk fest on stage isn’t too far off). No, HARRY ACTUALLY BOXES TO GET IN SHIRTLESS SHAPE. That’s right, the boy band member isn’t just your dream man because he would bring you flowers and share his chicken dinner with you while looking perfectly dapper in a suit — the guy could throw a solid 1- 2 uppercut on some smart-mouth jerks if it came to it! Also, is anyone else hearing “Eye Of The Tiger” from “Rocky” as they drool over this picture?

The “Kiss You” singer shared his workout routine on Facebook along with the caption, “Harry getting physical on the road…” We already knew Harry had a tough guy side (getting a bunch of tattoos isn’t for the weak), but we had no idea that he was such a Sly Stallone type! Wait! Once 1D’s 3-D film, “This Is Us,” is wrapped, maybe Harry should star in a remake of “Rocky”! (“The Karate Kid” got a remake, so why not?!) But hold up — that would probably mean he’d actually have to do all his own boxing stunts… AH-NOPE. NEVERMIND. There’s NO EFFING WAY we are willing to risk Harry’s beautifully proportioned face in the ring. Just keep it in the gym, bb.

Photo credit: One Direction’s Facebook

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