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Happy Birthday, Kanye West: Here Are 10 Things You Should Get Us

Happy Birthday, Kanye West: Here Are 10 Things You Should Get Us

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By Emilee Lindner

Kanye West
has said it in the past: He deserves to be greedy on his birthday. But with a net worth of $90 million and more income from Yeezus probably coming his way, he might be able to spare some gifts for us, his fans. That said, Yeezy, here are 10 things we really want for your 36th birthday.

1. Cruel Winter, finally
Q-Tip may have spilled the beans last September when he shared that there might be a Cruel Winter album as Cruel Summer‘s sequel. Ever since then, we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Make today a surprise party and drop your G.O.O.D. Music follow-up.

2. While You’re At It, Watch The Throne 2
Maybe we’re a little bit spoiled, but while you’re creating Cruel Winter, invite Jay-Z to the studio. There have been some rumors about Watch the Throne 2 in the past, and now is as good a time as any to make it happen.

3. Gold Yeezys
Those red Air Yeezy II’s look dope, but c’mon, you LOVE gold — from your Jesus piece to “Gold Digger” to the Watch the Throne’s cover art to the 77 models you had painted gold for the 2006 Brit Awards. Give us gold Yeezys!

4. Yeezus… A Pre-Order
You don’t even have to give Yeezus as a gift; we want to buy it. Just give your fans a way to pre-order it… or a track list… or something. This way, you won’t be springing everything on us when June 18 rolls around.

5. A Child Prodigy
We know that baby Kimye is on the way, entering the world in July, but we’d especially love it if she came out of the womb with your MCing skills. Sure, we’ve seen our share of child prodigies, but a tiny femcee? Yes,please.

6. Two Child Prodigies
OK, OK, you and Kim already revealed that you’re having a daughter, but is there something else you want to tell us? Twins maybe? Let’s bring two talented babies to your family.

7. A Tour
When we heard that baby Kimye may be joining dad on tour, we just had to ask: what tour? More info please.

8. Kanye Skywalker
The photos showing up from the “Anchorman 2″ set really have fans going nuts over seeing you on the big screen. Although you’ve delved into film in the past (“The Black Mamba” and, uh, “Love Guru”), wouldn’t it be cool if you kept making cameos in sequels? I bet J.J. Abrams would have a great storyline for you in “Star Wars 7.

9. Instagram: Get One
Listen — we get it. Social media is hard. You only have five tweets on your Twitter account right now. It’s OK. But your life is pretty dope, so why hide it? We could only imagine what Kanye West in our Instagram feed would look like.

10. Sway Needs One More Thing
A few months ago, you reminded the “Hottest MC in the Game” crew that you got Sway his first TV. And though he’s kept Sharpeezy near and dear to his heart (which would be…on the “RapFix Live” set), there’s still one thing you’re forgetting: Sway’s remote.

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