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Haim’s New V Magazine Piece Is Taking Our Obsession To Worrying New Heights

Haim’s New V Magazine Piece Is Taking Our Obsession To Worrying New Heights

Haim V Magazine
Haim do their best Stevie Nicks (if Stevie were besties with Ke$ha) in V Magazine.

I used to feel like a comfortable, benign, safely detached relationship to my admiration for Cali sister act Haim. But I’ll be honest with you, because I feel like we’re friends and that this is a safe space. The more I find out about them, and the more heaven-sent their hair looks — because let’s be honest, their hair is without a single flaw — the more my obsession is growing. It’s not like I’m Photoshopping myself onto the cover of their stunning Forever EP, because that’d just be NUTS. But, their brand-new piece in the August issue of V Magazine reveals that they’re obsessed with Chaka Khan and share a four-way BFF necklace with Ke$ha. Like, are you kidding me? What else could you ask for in three human beings? This, on top of the fact that Danielle played guitar for Julian Casablancas, Cee-lo Green and Jenny Lewis AND may be one of the best rock guitarists out there right now (what’s a “John Mayer”?), and that they’re obsessed with the MTV show “Spider Games.” And that they’ve opened up for Rihanna and blew my mind at the Woodies and sound like Fleetwood Mac meets The Bangles meets Destiny’s Child. Like, how am I supposed to take all of that and NOT let it escalate to the point where I’m like so singularly focused on my Haim devotion that I’m like writing them long, rambling, barely coherent letters and rooting through their garbage. Again, I’m not saying that’s where I’m at, because I’m an adult and everything’s totally fine. Totally in check. Nothing to see here (except for this not-at-all-creepy collage I’m making of all of their magazine clippings because you really can’t open a magazines these days without seeing these three sirens louchely absorbing more well-deserved press and emoji handclaps.) I’m just saying, like, stop being so awesome, and I’ll stop being so obsessed.

+ Watch Haim discuss their upcoming debut EP, and watch their “Don’t Save Me” video, and check out a behind-the-scenes look at their V Magazine shoot.

Photo credit: Carlos Serrao for V Magazine

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