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Gunplay Debuts Acquitted Mixtape

Gunplay Debuts Acquitted Mixtape


Gunplay’s new album Living Legend is due out later this year, but in the mean time the MMG rapper has decided to release his Acquitted mixtape a day early. Download at DatPiff or stream after the jump, and join Gunplay to celebrate his mixtape release with a show at SOBs in NYC on Wednesday (June 12).

Gunplay visited “RapFix Live” last week and took some time to explain his state of mind while recording his single “Bible on the Dash.” “I wrote ‘Bible on the Dash’ when I was on the run. I had the beat for a year, and I knew not to play with that beat. That wasn’t a beat you just rap on. That’s a beat you let it all out on,” he said.  “At the time I was on the run, and there was a lot goin’ on in my mind, and I wanted to do harm to the person that called the police on me. I really wanted to, deep in my heart,” he revealed. “I’ma hands-on type of guy. To let this one slide in order to see a brighter future is real hard to do.”

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