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Gucci Mane’s Mr. Guwop Album Cover: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls?

Gucci Mane’s Mr. Guwop Album Cover: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls?


By Maurice Bobb

Despite legendary R&B trio TLC’s stern warning to the contrary, Gucci Mane is still chasin’ waterfalls for his new album, Mr. Guwop.

The Brick Squad general took to Twitter Friday (May 31) to announce that his new project will be released this coming fall and, as a weird visual tie in to that fact, posted a picture of the album’s cover, which is an image of himself draped in what appears to be a white fur coat superimposed on a crashing waterfall.

“New Album MR.GUWOP coming this FALL,” Gucci tweeted, along with a twitpic.


The “Wasted” MC’s cover art isn’t the only newsworthy tidbit for his fans’ consideration. In an interview with Fader, the “Spring Breakers” thespian revealed that he has a collaboration with Marilyn Manson called “Fancy Bitch” in the can. How on earth could that kind of collab come about, you ask? It’s simple, once you consider that the two controversial artists are actual friends and that Gucci has even mentioned the devilish rocker on “Overboard,” rapping, “sitting in my mansion/ Listening to Marilyn Manson.”

“That’s my boy man,” Gucci said. “We got the dopest record in the world, me and Marilyn. Me and him got one of the craziest records ever made. We made it whatever day “Spring Breakers” came out in Cali. He came to the sneak premiere, and after we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record. That’s the day that we met and began being friends. He’s cool as hell, I f— with him hard. He ain’t the averagest white boy. He got swag. Me and him together, he don’t get on my nerves. I can stomach being around him. He cool.”

Need more proof that Gucci and Marilyn are like peas and carrots? How about a picture Radric “LaFlare” Davis posted via his Instagram account with the heavy metal vocalist rocking a “Free Gucci Mane” t-shirt?

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