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Gucci Mane Drops Waka Flocka From 1017 Brick Squad On Twitter

Gucci Mane Drops Waka Flocka From 1017 Brick Squad On Twitter

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So, we guess there’s some trouble in paradise? Because these days you can always count on Twitter to let you know. Gucci Mane has apparently decided to drop Waka Flocka Flame from his Atlanta-based label and he let fans know via Twitter tonight, writing, “Waka flacka flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Guwop say give me a offer fa this disloyal lil n—.”

(Note: Gucci Mane referring to himself as Guwop). Waka couldn’t seem to help himself, when he responded, “Somebody tell Gucci Mane 2 SUCK A D—,” because he later deleted the message and retweeted a fan to explain that he wouldn’t be hashing their issues out on Twitter (“@WakaFlockaBSM Can’t tweet beef #HucciKnowHowIrOck” and “Can’t tweet jones about a n—- I’m a let a lame be lame”)

But he kinda seemed to have a sense of humor about it too, retweeting a fan who wrote this: “@Money_Ova_Men: So these n—-s @WakaFlockaBSM and @Gucci1017 having a “I HATE YOU BITCH” moment… Lol! LoL” and then he decided to throw in a lil jab anyway, with the inevitable joke. “@elbrothabear shoulda known something was up with gucci when he got that ice cream cone on his face.”

No confirmation on whether this is permanent or just an outburst, because Waka still seemed confident enough to tweet, “We BSM.”

We’re sure there are more details to come. Things were all good just a few weeks ago when Waka was looking forward to Gucci’s upcoming role in Spring Breakers.

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