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FYI: Austin Mahone Is Shirtless AND RIPPED! (PHOTO)

FYI: Austin Mahone Is Shirtless AND RIPPED! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is getting RIPPED!

Is that a superhero? Nope. It’s a RIPPED Austin Mahone!

If anyone says that their favorite thing about summer is ice cream and pool parties, then they’re lying. Obviously the best thing about summer is looking at celebrity shirtless pics (like One Direction’s Harry Styles and Justin Bieber)!! And hey, now we can add shirtless Austin Mahone to the mix! And when we say “add,” we really mean stare at every single bulging muscle for hours. Austin is the REAL Incredible Hulk! (You know, if the hulk was actually a hunky heartthrob… And, you know, not pea green.)

The “What About Love” singer shared the BUFF photo on his Instagram along with the caption, “#gymflow.” We wanted to… um, sorry, keep getting distracted by those… SORRY!!! It’s just really hard to focus when you’re trying to imagine how many buildings Austin could carry with his bare arms! But seriously, when did this happen? We always knew Austin was in shape (we’ve actually WATCHED him do a bunch of push ups), but, like, when did he go all, “I am strong to the finish because I eat all my spinach Popeye on us? What’s that? …Sorry, we actually don’t have time to hear your answers in between the 70-gazillion push ups we’ve decided to do today. After our mid-afternoon snack, of course.

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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