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Fat Joe Doesn’t Anticipate Ever Having A Problem With 50 Cent Again


By Maurice Bobb

If all good things must come to an end, it stands to reason that all bad things must come to an end, too…eventually. There’s been numerous examples of the former, but for the latter, the most recent example is the ending of the incendiary beef between hip-hop stalwarts 50 Cent and Fat Joe, who stopped by “Rap Fix Live” Wednesday (May 22) to speak about how Chris Lighty’s untimely passing led to a truce between he and the G-Unit general.

It was an event no one in the music industry thought they’d see, especially Joey Crack, who thought his feud with the “Piggy Bank” MC would only end in bloodshed.

“I thought someone would die,” Joey said on the red sofa. “I thought, forget the rap, forget the WWF, I thought this beef would never end without somebody dying. Whether it’s [Terror Squad] or his, like it was gonna end like that. He had a lot of respect for Chris Lighty, I had a lot of respect and we went over there, we did the tribute together and no disrespect to him in the universe, but he put his hand out. So when a man sticks out his hand for me, and he says ‘Yo, this for Chris, it’s peace,’ it’s peace. And I don’t anticipate ever having a problem with him again in my life. Because once I give you my word and I give you my hand, it’s love. It’s nothing else.”

Although the two haven’t spoken since “that moment,” the “What’s Luv?” rapper tipped his hat to 50 citing his acute business acumen, co-signed his new book “Formula 50″ on air and even quoted his ex-nemesis’ seminal debut LP, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, in explaining his urge to get out of the hood as a 12-year old in the Bronx.

“I’m not gonna be no bum, man, this ain’t for me, man,” Joe remembered, explaining his aspirations to his childhood friend. “I guess I’m gonna get rich or die tryin’.”

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