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There was no official honoree this year at the Parrish Art Museum’s annual Midsummer Party. Instead, guests raised their champagne glasses to the airy new 34,400-square-foot space in Water Mill, designed by Herzog & de Meuron. The low-slung, light-filled building is the first art museum to be built on the East End of Long Island in more than a century.

“The art here is incredible, and the building itself is a work of art. It’s art within art,” said Lisa Anastos as she made her way inside the museum’s first big gala. There, the likes of Richard Phillips, Cindy Sherman, Lisa Perry, and Bill Cunningham were greeted by glass vitrines showcasing work by the German artist Josephine Meckseper. On display was an odd assortment of items, ranging from a shoe rack with old sneakers to an Aramis 900 fragrance ad campaign that read, “Tradition with a dash of the unexpected.”

“Through Josephine’s work, we were able to see our building through her eyes,” said Parrish director Terrie Sultan, who described Meckseper’s project as an interpretation of architecture, using history and consumerism as reference points. Designer Cynthia Rowley, who was standing nearby with the artist, added: “Josephine is one of my very, very best friends, and we have been talking about this for so long. It’s nice to finally see it.”

—Kristin Tice Studeman

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