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Dustin Lynch on Garth Lessons, Crowd Connection: The Ram Report


Dustin Lynch has already experienced the thrill of playing stadiums with his friend Luke Bryan, but he’ll be in considerably more intimate venues when he resumes his Hell of a Night Tour at Joe’s on Weed Street in Chicago January 7th and 8th.

“There’s a different kind of energy I feel from that,” Lynch told Rolling Stone Country recently. ”I’m not just looking forward to the hits. I’m looking forward to every single song of mine because it’s my crowd. But there’s a different way to work the room or the stadium. It’s one thing Garth Brooks taught me just being a fan in a crowd. Even in the nosebleeds, it’s like he sees you.”

It’s a different story for fans in those sections, however. If Lynch wants to connect with the crowd in the far corners of a stadium, he’s got to work a little harder.

“With this huge ridiculous hat I wear,” he said, “I’ve got to look up for them to see me or they’re just gonna see this big hat.”

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