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Drake Postpones Summer Sixteen Tour Dates Due to Ankle Injury


Drake has postponed his upcoming shows in Toronto, Philadelphia and Newark to heal his ankle. The rapper has played 50 shows of his co-headlining tour with Future so far and will resume with the second of what had previously been two planned dates at Newark, New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.

"I hate to be told I can't do something, but under doctor's orders to allow me time to recuperate, I am being forced to postpone the intense three shows in a row in cities which have only ever shown me unconditional support," Drake wrote in a statement on OVO's blog. The rapper had also been instructed to also avoid the New Jersey shows entirely but will maintain one of the two dates since he has never performed at the arena before.

"I am crushed to even be typing this announcement because I feel like I am letting my fans in these cities down. I only want to give you the best show you deserve, I promise — I will make it up to you." The rapper ended his note by promising "new music and a stronger ankle."

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