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Drake Memes Go Viral During 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Drake Memes Go Viral During 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Drake meme

By Maurice Bobb

During the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Sunday (May 19) night, Drake, who didn’t win an award or perform during the live broadcast, got the extreme meme treatment and became a trending topic on Twitter, again.

Photoshop artisans took the behind-the-scenes picture of Drizzy leaning in his Dada outfit on the “No New Friends” video set and created Internet gold with it.

First, there was the meme that put him in the batter’s box, looking off a presumed walk off homer.

Then there was the meme that put him on the front line dancing with the Jackson Five.

Then, of course, there was the evolution chart meme, with the Take Care MC being the apex of the progression of humanity, leaning to the side.

The Drake memes were coming in hot and heavy, so it was inevitable that the Toronto spitter saw them. So, to show that he has a sense of humor, Drake himself got in on the action and sent out a soccer-themed meme from his Instagram, with him doing his best Pele impersonation on the pitch, typing simply “FIFA God.

To round out the top tier memes, there was the one putting him in the throes of the big dance number from “Thriller” alongside Michael Jackson.

Drake meme

But the meme that topped ‘em all was the one that made Drake an emoji. Right next to the handclap and the running emoji was Drizzy, leaning in Dada to express that all important “Drake moment” to your friends.

Which Drake meme was your favorite?

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