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Drake Enjoys The 90s In ‘No New Friends’ Music Video

Drake Enjoys The 90s In ‘No New Friends’ Music Video


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drake is on a blast to the past in the “No New Friends” music video. Drizzy, along with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, dig into the 90s rap music video vault for inspiration. Old rapper stereotypes like Jeeps, track suits and hot tubs are aplenty in the Colin Tilley-directed clip. And now, maybe the Internets owe Drake an apology for slandering his outfit on the video set.

One of Drake’s looks in the video, which finds him wearing a gaudy Dada Supreme shorts set and Timberland boots, inspired countless memes, showing the rapper in various situations in the same outfit like baseball games, the Soul Train line and even inserted into classic Michael Jackson music videos.

Now, we know that the strange outfit was just a 90s homage.

“I guess the DaDa sweat suit makes sense now… Well played Drake. #NoNewTrends” shared a fan on Twitter. Others threw in, “So drake was wearing that dada jumpsuit cause the video was supposed tobe 96′ lol makes a little more sense” and ” know understand why drake was wearing Dada in that picture. Ctfu.”

Others were less forgiving. “The “No New Friends” video almost excuses Drake’s infamous Dada Supreme outfit. ALMOST.” tweeted a fan.

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