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Did Jared Leto Find Inspiration In Late ’90s Pop Queens For His Candy Magazine Cover? (PHOTO)

Did Jared Leto Find Inspiration In Late ’90s Pop Queens For His Candy Magazine Cover? (PHOTO)

Jared Leto's Candy magazine cover reminds us of a few late '90s pop icons!

Does Jared Leto’s Candy magazine cover remind you of anyone?

Jared Leto, oh Jared Leto. You’re not afraid of anything, are you? You’re not afraid to be an artist (pronounced “AR-TEEST”), you’re not afraid to release highly cryptic lyric videos and “short films” (NOT “music videos” — SHORT FILMS) that could include anything and everything from a zebra to a snake to a bright pink mechanical bull (see: “Up In The Air“). OH, and speaking of pink, you CERTAINLY aren’t afraid to throw on a cotton-candy-colored wig, shave all your facial hair, slap on a full face of makeup, and 100 percent pose in drag on the cover of Candy magazine. WHAT? It’s ART. And it absolutely has to be said, Jared’s cover totally reminds us of our favorite late ’90s pop queens: No Doubt‘s Gwen Stefani and, of course, the No. 1 pioneer in high-colored hair: PINK!!

Read more about Jared Leto’s Candy magazine spread after the jump.

Anyway, we definitely shouldn’t be surprised at Jared’s transformation. The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman isn’t afraid of drag! Remember those photos of a fully shaved Jared on the set of his upcoming film “Dallas Buyers Club”? But look, that’s not the point. The point is that we think Jared’s looking a little like he wants to break out in a rendition of “Simple Kind Of Life” or “There You Go.” What should we expect next? (Not that we would “expect” anything — Jared’s AR-TEEST occupation basically guarantees that we’ll never successfully predict his next move.) A tummy-bearing halter? A gel pen tattoo? Cornrows? JNCO jeans? Body glitter? Butterfly clips? A boxy computer with a Napster account? NOTHING’S off-limits.


Oh yeah, Terry Richardson shot Jared Leto’s Candy spread. Are we surprised?

Photo credit: Getty Images/Candy/Jared Leto’s Tumblr

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