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Dave Grohl, Animal Hit the Skins in Epic ‘Muppets’ Drum Battle


Dave Grohl has overcome countless obstacles throughout his storied career — not even a slippery stage in Sweden could keep the Foo Fighter from shredding — but the musician finally met his match on ABC’s The Muppetswhere he faced Animal in a ferocious drum-off.

The clip finds the Foo Fighter and the wild-eyed sensei of the skins going beat for beat, and fill for fill, during the show’s closing credits. While Animal strikes first, Grohl taps a cymbal and fires back, “Oh what’s that, a bell? Time for school.”




The madness in the ”drum-derdome” quickly escalates as Grohl and Animal pound furiously on their kits. When neither is able to gain an edge, the snares, toms and cymbals start flying until both are left breathless and clutching their sticks. “You win,” they say simultaneously. It’s unclear, however, whether the pair’s feud is a canonical continuation of Grohl’s appearance in the 2011 Muppet movie, where he played “Animool,” the drummer of a rip-off group called, “The Moopets.”

Thw drum-off comes from the Canadian broadcast of the latest episode of The Muppets, which will air stateside tonight, December 1st, on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Grohl is featured in the episode sitting in with Electric Mayhem, who serve as Miss Piggy’s house band on her late-night show. The episode also guest stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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