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Cole Swindell on Moving New Single ‘You Should Be Here’: Ram Report


When Cole Swindell decided to leave college to pursue a music career in Nashville, his mother didn’t take it all that well. “Her heart was breaking,” Swindell says. His father William, however, never said a word. Instead, the “Chillin’ It” singer says his dad endorsed the idea.

“He supported me and was so proud. That’s what chokes me up today, hearing other people say, ‘God, you have no idea how much he talked about you.’ That chills me,” says the Georgia native.

The elder Swindell died in 2013, shortly after his son signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville. Tragically, he missed out on his son’s rise to country-radio fame. Now, Swindell has written a song as tribute to his dad. Titled “You Should Be Here,” it shows a more serious side of the fun-loving artist, who got his start selling merchandise for Luke Bryan.

“[The fans] know I love fun and I love to be on that stage, but amongst all that fun I lost my dad and this is my chance to show that side of me,” he says. “You have your own opinions about music, but there’s a lot of folks out there that don’t know you personally and this is very personal to me. I hope they don’t relate to it from having lost a parent, but I think anybody can from just the way we miss folks and how lucky we all are to do the things we do.”

Swindell is currently working on his second album and will tour through December 19th, before hitting the road again in 2016. 

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