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Buzzworthy Obsession: The Colourist, ‘Little Games’ (VIDEO)

Buzzworthy Obsession: The Colourist, ‘Little Games’ (VIDEO)

The Colourist lament an unhealthy relationship in their “Little Games” video.

Here’s a tip for you concertgoers: Always show up early for the opening band. Granted, opening acts aren’t always going to be winners, but when they’re well chosen, it’s like making a down payment on future musical enjoyment (and bragging rights). This was probably the case for punctual music fans who recently caught The Colourist opening for Metric and Youngblood Hawke — the California four-piece’s music is actually a pretty good halfway point between the two headliners, with some of the sleek, danceable guitar and keys of the former, and a lot of the joyous co-ed harmonizing of the latter. See what we’re talking about in the band’s new “Little Games” video.

Watch The Colourist’s  “Little Games” video after the jump.

Another comparison that jumps to mind is Matt and Kim, and not just because vocalist Maya Tuttle is on the drums. It’s just that they sound, well, so damn happy. (Weirdos.) But the sound of “Little Games” might a bit deceiving, however, particularly once you’ve seen taken a closer listen to the lyrics and watched the video.

Directed by Dustin Mulstay, “Little Games” utilizes a split-screen to reinforce the concept of separation after a romance goes sour. And if that wasn’t enough to drive the point home, the breaking wine glasses and smashed wedding cake should do the trick. “What did I do so wrong?/ You lied and led me on/ Was I your hit and run/ left for dead and now you’re gone,” co-vocalist and guitarist Adam Castilla harmonizes with Tuttle. (Kollin Johannsen on guitars and Justin Wagner on bass and keys round out the band.)

“‘Little Games’ is about being stuck in the vicious cycle of a dysfunctional relationship, where you’re being strung along by someone who is more interested in your attention (or attention from anyone) than you,” Tuttle told us. “The video is visually and emotionally chaotic; at times, we don’t know whether we’re watching anger or lust.” The “little games” of the lyrics, she says, refer to the “toying with emotions, the cheating, the constant and dramatic testing of a relationship, all of which contribute to the cycle of high highs and low lows that trick us into continuing on with a doomed love.”

That mix of bright sounds and reflective lyrics shows up again in their more straightforward rocker “Yes Yes,” which has gotten the remix treatment from St. Lucia as well as Magic Man. The latter remix slows down the hurtling track’s pace, ups the bass quotient and vocal effects, and adds to the heady rush of #feelings on display.

Both songs will appear on a split 7″ from All Things Go Records, while a full length is in the works to be released on Universal Republic later this summer.

+ Watch The Colourist’s “Little Games” video, and listen to their “Yes Yes (Magic Man Remix).”

Photo credit: ATG Records

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