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Buzzworthy Obsession: Ivy Levan, ‘Hot Damn’ (VIDEO)

Buzzworthy Obsession: Ivy Levan, ‘Hot Damn’ (VIDEO)

Meet our latest obsession, Ivy Levan.

Meet Ivy Levan, our latest pop obsession.

It’s hard to talk about Arkansas native Ivy Levan without mentioning her IN-TENSE and DIS-TRACTING beauty. But there’s way more to Ivy than meets the eye, such as her powerful vocals (think Pink meets Christina Aguilera meets an old-timey, deep-voiced torch singer), a brand-new EP, Introducing The Dame, a tour with Fitz and The Tantrums, and a badass new music video, “Hot Damn,” which fully channels Xtina’s “Candyman” era. So, really, what’s not to love?

Watch Ivy Levan’s “Hot Damn” video.

In “Hot Damn,” Ivy plays a totally fierce waitress who witnesses four dudes in animal masks trying to terrorize her restaurant. But like the strong, confident woman she is, Ivy goes HAM on the situation and smacks them with pans and stuff until they’re, well, extinguished. Throw in a few shots of Ivy in a floor-length ballgown (still fighting crime, mind you) and a few more sound bytes of Ivy’s gritty and bold pipes, and girlfriend’s just secured her stance as a serious pop music contender. Unfortunately, Ivy ends up captured by the aforementioned masked men, but we’re pretty sure she’ll find a scrappy way out of the situation. Probably by batting her eyelashes a few times.

+ Watch Ivy Levan’s “Hot Damn” video.

Photo credit: Interscope/Cherrytree Records

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