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Buzzworthy Obsession: Imaginary Cities, ‘Bells Of Cologne’ (VIDEO)

Buzzworthy Obsession: Imaginary Cities, ‘Bells Of Cologne’ (VIDEO)

Watch Imaginary Cities' "Bells Of Cologne" video.

Imaginary Cities go sci-fi in their “Bells of Cologne” video.

Imaginary Cities are a Winnipeg band who play indie pop in the grand Canadian tradition of Stars and The Dears: synth-heavy, dramatic, and crazy catchy. The band’s new “Bells of Cologne” video has more lens flares than a J.J. Abrams movie, and the same fascination with spaceships. Half performance video, half sci-fi opus, the “Bells of Cologne” video captures Imaginary Cities rocking aboard a flying saucer hovering over, yup, Cologne.

Watch Imaginary Cities’ “Bells Of Cologne” video after the jump.

The band comes in peace — its only invasion is beaming down the band’s violinist. You can’t be a Canadian band without a violinist, just ask Arcade Fire. Despite the futuristic visuals, the band’s real superpower is its command of classic pop hooks. Sparkling in a gold dress, Marti Sarbit laments the distance from her favorite German city: “It’s so far from me now, it’s so far from me now.” Well, 4174 miles, but who’s counting? (Us, because TRAVEL NERDS.) Swing by Berlin on the next trip, guys, Tiergarten is lovely this time of year.

“Bells of Cologne” is the latest from the band’s sophomore album, Fall of Romance, which landed in May.

+ Watch Imaginary Cities’ “Bells of Cologne” video.

Photo credit: Trevor Marczylo

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