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Buzzworthy Obsession: Cody Simpson, ‘Summertime Of Our Lives’ (VIDEO)

Buzzworthy Obsession: Cody Simpson, ‘Summertime Of Our Lives’ (VIDEO)

Cody Simpson reached 5 Milliion twitter followers, and gifted fans with a brand-new song!

Get warmed up with Cody Simpson’s “Summertime Of Our Lives” video.

Here’s a secret: I decided that if I ever hit 1,000 followers on Twitter, I would take myself out for a gluten-free vegetarian feast. (What? I’m on my summer diet!) But when Australian pop crooner Cody Simpson recently reached a casual FIVE MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS (OMFG), the “Pretty Brown Eyes” singer decided to celebrate by releasing a new song and video, “Summertime Of Our Lives,” from his upcoming sophomore album, Surfers Paradise, out July 16. (Think he’ll throw a steak dinner in there too for good measure?)

Watch Cody Simpson’s “Summertime Of Our Lives” video after the jump.

In keeping with his whole “I’m a beach man with sand in my hair” vibe (the dude’s forthcoming album ain’t called Surfer’s Paradise for nothin’), “Summertime Of Our Lives” is a cheeky, yet soft record, recounting a beautiful summer of love. As someone whistles in the background, Cody sings, “Summertime of our lives/ Nothing has ever felt so right/ Summertime of our lives/ Even though, we had to say goodbye.” Goodbye?? It’s not even Fourth of July yet! You’ve got at least another month of summer lovin’ ahead, Cody!

Directed by The Young Astronauts, the accompanying video features a tank top-wearing Cody (who, by the way, has the MOST voluminous hair we’ve ever seen) taking a casual walk through a gorgeous beach. He strums his mini-guitar (or is it a ukulele? Anyone?), but pauses to write a “message in a bottle” to his lady love. Eventually, Cody hops in a nearby boat, presumably to send the message in a bottle to his lady…. Who must live clear across a giant ocean. It’s epitome of “puppy love,” except can you still use the word “puppy” when Cody’s got bulging biceps??

+ Watch Cody Simpson’s “Summertime Of Our Lives” video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records

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