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Bun B Previews Rap Coloring Book, Featuring 42 Artists

Bun B Previews Rap Coloring Book, Featuring 42 Artists


via Rolling Stone

By Andrew Christina

Of all the things you do while listening to your favorite hip-hop album, coloring probably isn’t one of them. Well, now it is! Bun B will release “Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book,” illustrated by Houston-area journalist Shea Serrano, on September 17.

The new book features amusing outlines of 42 hip-hop artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Riff Raff, and Drake, who’s pictured biting his gold (or whichever color you choose) chain. The hard-copy work is based off a more adult-themed Tumblr page that Serrano created last year. Bun B assured Rolling Stone in a recent interview, however, that the new book is completely family friendly:

“That’s what I want this book to be: something not only you can color and have fun with, but also creating opportunities to share moments with your children built around hip-hop,” he said.

You might even learn a thing or two while deciding which hue from your Crayola 64-pack will really make B.o.B.’s cap pop: Many of the rappers have a short biography alongside their likeness, complete with a suggested listening list. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Bun, who teaches the “Religion and Hip Hop Culture” course at Rice University in Houston every other fall (RELI 157/311 if you’re interested).

Bun also recently launched a food website called “You Gotta Eat This!” and told Rolling Stone that he will be putting together a compilation called “Back II Business” with II Trill West and Double Dose Entertainment in the near future Bun says his wide variety of interests and unique endeavors is what keeps him motivated.

“What you’re supposed to do in life is to continually chase adventure. Otherwise, you just end up on your couch like Al Bundy.” For more updates, follow RapColoringBook on Twitter.

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