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Britney Spears’ Dog Officially WINS At Photobombing

Britney Spears’ Dog Officially WINS At Photobombing

Britney Spears' Dog, Hannah, goes back in time to get on Brit's "...Baby One More Time" album cover.

AW: Britney Spears’ dog photobombed her “mom’s” first album cover!

Britney Spears‘ dog, Hannah, is not only one of the cutest puppies we’ve EVER seen, but she’s also the best photobomber out there (well, the best with four legs, anyway). First, she sneaked into a photo of Britney doing yoga, and now the pup has somehow managed to turn up on Britney’s’ very first album cover from 1999: …Baby One More Time! Ummm... WAIT. Hannah wasn’t even born ’til recently, so does this mean that the dog has a time machine?! (Yes, we know it’s Photoshopped, but a time-traveling dog SOUNDS SO MUCH CUTER.)

The “Ooh La La” singer’s dog shared the photo on Twitter along with the caption, “I’m not supposed to show this to y’all but… This is what the original “BOMT” cover was supposed to be!” OK, can we just say that we are LOVING these AMAZING Hannah additions to Brit’s photos and can’t stop thinking of all the things Hannah should photobomb next: like Brit cheering at her boys’ soccer game or grocery shopping with her new boyfriend. Can someone please create these images for us and devote an entire Tumblr to them? Or what if Britney included Hannah on her forthcoming album‘s cover for REAL?! Talk about GUARANTEEING a platinum record!

Photo credit: @hannahspears

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