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Britney Spears Does Yoga With Her Dog, Because AWWWW (PHOTO)

Britney Spears Does Yoga With Her Dog, Because AWWWW (PHOTO)

Britney Spears does yoga with her dog!

Britney Spears launches the next big fitness trend: puppy yoga teachers!

Hey, we finally know how Britney Spears got in such great shape! And no, it wasn’t because she paid some yogi-to-the-stars a gazillion dollars. Britney’s INSANELY BUFF bod OBVIOUSLY comes from doing yoga with her puppy, Hannah Spears. And here you thought the only thing dogs were good for were snuggle selfies, dressing in matching cute outfits (we’re looking at you, Miley Cyrus), and drinking water out of the toilet bowl! Psh!

The “Ooh La La” singer’s dog posted on her very own Twitter account (our dog barks to express himself; Britney’s puppy uses a Twitter account — we see no difference) along with the caption, “Sometimes Mommy needs me to help her with her yoga :) .” Now, before you get all “PHOTOSHOP ALERT” on us (OBVS!) and lecture us on the the work and dedication that actually goes into becoming a yogi, can we all just take a moment to imagine this moment in real life? What if puppies really could teach yoga class?! How would people even concentrate on getting their Zen on when there’s so much tail-wagging cuteness to “awww” over!? But really, think about it: Who better to teach the “downward dog” pose better than, well, a dog? (Budump-bump!)

Photo credit:@hannahspears

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