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Big Sean’s Mother Raps Along To ‘Dance (A$$)’ On ‘Kimmel’


By Chandra Johnson

Have you ever wondered what rapper’s mothers are thinking after hearing some of their son’s explicit lyrics? Well, Jimmy Kimmel certainly wanted to find out, so he brought in Big Sean’s mother for his ‘Words from Your Mother’ segment and had her read a few lines from Sean’s notorious hit “Dance (A$$)” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Looking calm and composed with her hands folded, Sean’s mother reads the chorus to the song which repeats “A$$” over and over again. We’re not sure if she was aware of the twerking female on the screen behind her, or if she is used to the dance by now.

“That’s my boy,” she says at the end of the clip while blowing a kiss at the screen. One can only wonder what his girlfriend “Glee” star Naya Rivera would have to say about the hilarious clip of her boo’s mother. We’re guessing “Glee” won’t be covering one of Big Sean’s songs anytime soon.

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