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Best Kanye West Quotables On Yeezus

Best Kanye West Quotables On Yeezus


Sure, Kanye West takes things to a new sonic level on his 6th album Yeezus, pushing some fans outside of their comfort zone, but one thing’s guaranteed whenever Yeezy Season rolls around: Great ‘Ye quotes to last us for months. Take a look at some of the best most outrageous quotes from his new album.

You really can’t beat the hook on “I Am A God,” which helps to clearly convey the urgency of his elevated status. “I am a God, so hurry up with my damn massage/In a French-ass restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants!” And if you were wondering if God was really down for being featured on Yeezus, Kanye definitely cleared it with someone above, rapping, “I just talked to Jesus/ He said what up Yeezus/ I said sh– I’m chillin.”

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Ever wondered what kind of mishaps a drunken Kanye could get into? Well, he lays it all out on, “Can’t Hold My Liquor,” rapping, “B—- I’m back out my coma, Waking up on your sofa/When I park my Range Rover, Slightly scratch your Corolla/Okay I smashed your Corolla, I’m hanging on a hangover.”

Things get a little explicit on “New Slaves,” but you’ve gotta appreciate Kanye’s sense of humor, which always shines through. “F— you and your Hamptons house/ I’ll f— your Hamptons spouse/ C— on her Hampton blouse and in her Hampton mouth.”

And least you forgot that you’re dealing with the almighty Yeezus, he drops a little reminder on “Bound 2″, with “You remember where we first met?/ Ok, I don’t remember where we first met/But admitting is the first step.”

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