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Benzino Directs Diss Track At Stevie J

Benzino Directs Diss Track At Stevie J

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Stevie J and Benzino’s long-time friendship may be officially over. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars have had beef this season on the show and now, their issues have spilled out on Twitter. Yesterday, the two threw shots at each other about everything from who was more irrelevant to to smashing Joseline.

Though Benzino appears to have deleted several of his tweets, Bossip grabbed screenshots when it went down. When Benzino claimed that Stevie was washed up and needed a hit, Stevie responded, ” I don’t need a hit f—-t I pulled them Haitians off u & gave u a new life in the A! Kitty on a plane now. Fall back f—-t.” Stevie continued, “My bitch made u famous enough. Chill b4 I call Kim Osirio,” a dig at Benzino who was sued by Source Editor-In-Chief Kim Osorio.

Much of the drama stems from Stevie’s accusation that Benzino tried to sleep with his girl Joseline. Joseline accused Benzino of trying to holler at her this season on the reality show. Now, Benzino claims that it was Joseline who gave him her number in the first place. “Josilin gave me her num at the radio station & said f— stevie, im f—in my trainer, i told her i had a hair deal and she said lets doit,” and “It wasnt a dm it was a text in the morn for us to do a conference call, i told her at station i would tell sleaze about deal & i did” he explained.

Benzino released a diss track called “Smashed Da Homie” to accompany the beef. In the video, a Joseline impersonator is all over Zino. He raps that he “excites her” and that her man is “boring.”

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