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Is Justin Bieber Hoarding Baby Zoo Animals? (PHOTOS)

Is Justin Bieber Hoarding Baby Zoo Animals? (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber visited with baby animals at an Ohio zoo.

Justin Bieber had a low-key weekend visiting with a polar bear at a zoo in Ohio!

After all of that monkey business with Justin Bieber and his little primate friend, we kinda wondered if he’d take a break from hanging out with wildlife. But judging by this photo of Justin visiting with a polar bear, captioned “Dream Big,”  it looks like Justin’s animal-loving spirit hasn’t been shattered after all! Um, we’re hoping Justin’s “big dream” isn’t about making a pet out of this guy. Sure, the idea of being spooned by a gigantic fluffy bear on a cold winter’s night is cute in theory, but we’ve seen enough Animal Planet to know that those “cuddly”creatures will GUT AND EAT YOU LIKE NBD. So, if you want exotic, stick to to ferrets.

Check out more photos of Justin Bieber visiting with animals after the jump!

Justin Bieber cuddled baby animals at the zoo!

Everyone, please meet the LUCKIEST LEOPARD ON THE PLANET.

The “Right Here” singer shared the photo of his visit to the Columbus, Ohio, zoo on Instagram, where he also snuggled with a baby snow leopard (AHHHHHHHHHHH! CUTENESS OVERLOAD)! Two things: There needs to be a law that says that adorbz heartthrobs aren’t allowed to cuddle with other equally cute things because it’s too much overload and our jaws are officially swollen from ‘awww-ing so much. Second, this pic just reaffirms my BRILLIANT plan of dressing up in a baby animal costume in hopes that Justin will fawn over my cuteness so I can score a kiss too! Is that weird and VERY creepy? Sure. But are you now thinking that my plan could actually work? Absolutely.

Photo credit: @justinbieber

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