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How to… Have a Great Boudoir Photo Shoot!

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encoure studios - bourdoir photography - pinupBoudoir photography is becoming very popular lately. I’ve had several mommies, wives-to-be, boyfriends and husbands call me about scheduling a boudoir photo shoot as gifts for someone else or as a treat to for themselves. Boudoir historically meant a room adjacent to a women’s bedchamber and later came to mean a drawing room where a lady could have a friends and or lovers to meet in private. Thus Boudoir photography has traditionally meant the art of capturing very sensual partially clothed to nude photos of a woman although the form is expanding to include couples and men.  Bourdoir Photography - Couple


The key to great boudoir photography is that it is artfully done, showing the subject in at her most beautiful and provocative.  Anyone –not just models- at any age (well any age 18 and over), of any race or size can have a very successful and enjoyable boudoir photo shot; you just have to utilize a couple of tips.


Tip 1) Make sure the photographer you are considering has experience taking sexy glamour, boudoir and sensual pictures. Ask for references and samples of his or her work. If you are satisfied with their work be sure to book early.

Tip 2) Before the shoot make sure that you and the photographer have discussed the style and mood of the shoot. For example are you looking for a classic black and white shoot, completely nude or a high fantasy shoot. Bring samples of magazines or your sketches to better articulate your vision to the photographer.

Tip 3) Make sure you will be comfortable with your surroundings. The photographer knows that most clients who purchase boudoir photo sessions are not models and may not feel confident disrobing. Meet with your photographer at the photo shoot site before you schedule the shoot to insure that you will have the privacy you need and that you like the décor. In addition discuss who else will be in the studio at the time of the shoot.

Tip 4) Discuss what clothes you envisioned wearing for the shoot. If you have them at the time of your consultation – bring them with you. Ask if there will be clothes and accessories available or will you need to furnish any of your own props.

Tip 5) You may want to mention to the photographer what kind of music you want to hear during the shoot – does a particular slow song make you feel sensual or do you want to hear something with a driving beat to feel powerful and sexy.

Tip 6) Make sure you schedule the shoot on a day and time that you will be well rested, hydrated, in a good mood and in high energy. If your monster-in-law is coming to town that day – that is probably not the day you want to schedule the shoot!

Tip 7) Leave and arrive early for the shoot. Neither you nor the photographer wants to rush through your shoot. Also you and the photographer need to ensure that the length of time for the shoot is acceptable and realistic to you both. Sessions are usually 2-4 hours, time needs to be allocated for shooting the pictures as well as make-up, hair, clothes and set changes.

Tip 8) List of Do Nots right before (or during) your shoot-

Do not overeat, over drink, overdo your perfume, pluck your eyebrows, shave, get a facial, have micro abrasion, get a skin peal, have laser hair removal, get a tattoo, yell at your boyfriend, bring your kids -or anyone else that will give you a headache or make you nervous! Do not go to a full contact karate class, apply your own make-up, wear tight fitting bras or clothes, or do anything right before the shoot that will ruin your mood, leave marks on or irritate your skin or make you fill uncomfortable or unsexy and ultimately ruin your pictures. Remember this day is all about you!

Tip 9) List of Dos:

Do come to the shoot with a clean face, moisturized skin, whitened teeth, polished nails, pedicure, simple blow-dried or styled hair, your water or juice bottle, a towel, a body wrap/robe, a light snack, mints and wearing loose fitting clothes.

Tip 10) Here’s a do that get’s its own tip: Do Hire a professional stylist for your hair and make-up. You want to look your best so pamper yourself and go with a professional. The best would be if the stylist can stay for the shoot and assist with outfit/look changes and touch-ups.


There will be several things the photographer will be doing to make sure that you have a great experience. He or she will make you feel at ease and sexy, such as ensuring the room temperature is just right, they will offer continuous encouragement, and refreshments –maybe even some good wine, and will expertly guide you through the poses that will show you in the best light.


So relax, pamper and enjoy your boudoir photo shoot!



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Encoure Creative Studios – Open for Business

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Big Thank You!!

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IsReal Productions would like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to the Money In Da

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Big Thank You!!

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