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Austin Mahone Reacts To His VMA Nomination With An Eye-Popping Selfie (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone Reacts To His VMA Nomination With An Eye-Popping Selfie (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone reacts to his VMA nomination with a shocked selfie.

OMG! After hearing about his VMA Artist to Watch nom, Austin Mahone sent us this shocked selfie!

WAHHHHHGH. I mean, good morning. OMG GUESS WHAT!! Austin Mahone just sent us this wide-eyed incredulous selfie!!!! (#swooning) No, his shocked expression’s not ’cause Taylor Swift, who he’s been opening for on this summer’s “Red” Tour, finally taught him how to do the perfect “Swifty Surprise Face,” and the young star just wants to show it off. Nor is it about finding a room that’s got perfect selfie lighting no matter where you stand or the time of day or positioning of the sun — everyone knows that’s just an urban legend (STOP LEADING US ON). But in case you missed yesterday’s announcement, the “What About Love” singer has been nominated for the Artist to Watch category at the 2013 Video Music Awards!!!! Reacting to the news on Twitter, Austin whipped out some well-deserved caps lock, declaring:

Also, somehow our guy was able to contain his excitement just long enough to give a reserved, yet still super pumped, response to MTV News about how honored he feels to be a part of something that he’s loved his whole life (watch his on-camera reaction below!).

Read more about Austin Mahone’s VMA reaction after the jump.

In addition to his shock and joy, Austin also told MTV News that he plans to “throw a party, go crazy” to celebrate. FYI, Austin, we are SUPER polite and respectful guests who would like nothing more than to honor your glorious nomination with your selfie-perfected self in the dignified manner to which we are accustomed. #GolfClap

OMG WHO ARE WE KIDDING. We are a hot mess and a half right now. GOOD LUCK!

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s reaction to being nominated for a VMA.

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s “What About Love” video.

Cast your vote NOW for this year’s Video Music Award winners from the 2013 VMA Nominees. The 2013 Video Music Awards air August 25 on MTV and, live from the Brooklyn Barclays Center. No sleep til Brooklyn!

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