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Austin Mahone Met A Gorgeous Crew Of Japanese Mahonies! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone Met A Gorgeous Crew Of Japanese Mahonies! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone met some Japanese Mahomies.

Austin Mahone met some Japanese Mahomies!

In case you were wondering if “Mahomie” translates overseas, just take the above photo of Austin Mahone surrounded by Japanese fans as your official answer. At this point, Austin MUST be used to the constant swarm of international strangers surrounding him: First he was bombarded by fans in Mexico, and now he’s hanging out with what looks like his entire Japanese Mahomie fan base! And obviously now we’re wondering how many different languages Austin’s been asked “Will you marry me?” (It’s “Anata wa watashi to kekkon suru” in Japanese, FYI.)

The “Say You’re Just A Friend” singer shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption, “I’m in heaven.” Aside from the obvious reasons (being surrounded by tons of beautiful admirers has to feel pretty dang out of this world), Austin’s heavenly feeling must also stem from everything he’s accomplished this year! So far in 2013, Austin met Selena Gomez, got a record deal, toured with Taylor Swift, visited the White House for Easter, got in SERIOUS shape, has a new album on the way, and consistently gets surrounded by beautiful, swooning girls no matter where he is on the planet. We’re pretty sure Austin isn’t just in heaven — he’s DOMINATING IT.

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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