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Ariana Grande Taps Fabolous For ‘The Way (Remix)’

Ariana Grande Taps Fabolous For ‘The Way (Remix)’


By Nakiya Morgan

While pop star Ariana Grande is still celebrating her Top 10 single “The Way” featuring Mac Miller, she decided to link up with Fabolous for the remix.

Listen to “The Way (Remix)” via HipHopNMore.

It’s no surprise that the former “Victorious” star was able to snag the “remix killer” Fab for the track. Mac Miller described Ariana as an easy collaborator. “Well she’s a very, very talented singer, like she can sing incredibly. And, that’s awesome and she’s a great person,” Mac told MTV News. “She’s one of the nicest just people I’ve ever met in my life,”

The new remix still gives you the “summer fling” vibe that everyone can relate to. Ariana explained the radio hit as “the beginning phases of love” to MTV News. “It’s about just like, loving somebody so much that you just can’t describe it,” she said. “…When everything is so exciting and you just get butterflies. It’s about that feeling.”

Looks like Fab caught the love bug. The Brooklyn rapper drops two new verses over the flirty, up-tempo beat and expresses how he feels about the new girl he’s with. “This chick I’m with got me feelin some type of way /If men are dogs then I guess I’ll be the type to stay,” rhymes Fab just before Ariana’s verse drops.

With Loso’s flow over the 1988 Big Pun sample, Ariana might have another radio hit on her hands. “The Way” is Ariana Grande’s lead single off of her anticipated album Daydreamin, due late August.


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