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Amanda Bynes Wants A Career In Rap After Dissing Rihanna

Amanda Bynes Wants A Career In Rap After Dissing Rihanna


By Rob Markman

There’s no telling what Amanda Bynes will do next. One minute she’s getting arrested, the next she’s professing her love for Drake. Well, for Bynes’ next trick, the “What a Girl Wants” actress is ready to try her hand at rap and she’s already cooked up a hip-hop-styled beef with Rihanna.

“I’m looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper,” she wrote, capping off a 140-character-plus tweet on Monday (May 27).

The actual reason behind the message was for Bynes to clear the air behind her drug arrest on Thursday. She is refuting all claims against her. “For once and for all, this is the last thing I’ll say about the mistaken arrest,” she began. “I’m suing NYPD for illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia, then I’m suing for being put into a mental hospital against my will, then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am.”

Bynes also claims she was sexually harassed by her arresting officer, but that wasn’t all. The former Nickelodeon actress spent a good portion of the weekend hurling insults at Rihanna via Twitter messages that she later erased. “@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” she wrote. “@rihanna no one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna.”

“You see what happens when they cancel intervention,” Rih Rih fired back without directing the message at Bynes.

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