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A$AP Rocky Recalls Another Time Danny Brown Got Oral Sex On Stage

A$AP Rocky Recalls Another Time Danny Brown Got Oral Sex On Stage

Remember that time Danny Brown was sexually harassed on stage? In early May, video footage circulated showing the Detroit rapper receiving oral sex from a rabid fan during a live performance—without even taking a pause from rapping—but according to A$AP Rocky, this isn’t the first time that’s happened. In the video above Rocky recalls a similar story for MTV News and also says a few words in his boy’s defense.

“I’ve witnessed that before. That happened at a Fool’s Gold event in 2011,” he said. “Me and Ferg was performing ‘Kissin’ Pink’ and next thing you know, I swear we turned around some hipster b—- is just going [in] and I’m like ‘oh sh–, that n—- Danny getting his d— sucked on stage right now, like right now! And everybody looked.”

Naturally, we got to wondering if this is something that happens to Danny Brown all the time. “I’m not gonna say it happens often but I’ve witnessed it happen before,” Rocky said. “So when it happened on camera, I’m like that’s crazy. I’m kinda mad at the fact that people blame him though. How do you blame him? That’s like somebody just running up on you and sucking one of your nipples and it’s your fault. You’re performing, singing a song or something, and a fan somehow gets your nipple out…are you to blame?”

Guess not.

Danny Brown dropped the new single “Kush Coma” (below) featuring A$AP earlier this week.

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