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10 Things To Know Now: Lady Gaga’s 24-Karat Gold Wheelchair + Miguel To Perform On ‘SNL’

10 Things To Know Now: Lady Gaga’s 24-Karat Gold Wheelchair + Miguel To Perform On ‘SNL’

Lady Gaga, Miguel, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West

Lady Gaga is (literally!) rolling around in 24-karat gold, Miguel will be performing on “SNL,” and more!

1.) We’ve been worried about Lady Gaga ever since she cancelled her “Born This Way Ball” tour due to health problems. But nothing makes us more relieved (we think?) than seeing her recover in a 24-karat gold wheelchair. (Just imagine if the Gold 2 Cash peeps got their hands on that thing!) (MTV Style)

2.) Miguel will hit the “SNL” stage for the first time ever on April 13! So don’t even bother making plans with us that night. (Rap Fix)

3.) And speaking of “SNL,” remember that alleged diss Justin Timberlake made towards Kanye West during his performance? Well, turns out it wasn’t even real! Now, let’s get back to more important things… like counting down the day ’til JT’s new album is FINALLY here (seven to go)!  (Idolator)

4.) Fun. are ready to take on MTV’s Musical March Madness competition like pros! What’s MTV’s Musical March Madness? Well, it’s just like that famous basketball tournament… except it’s pretty much nothing like it at all. (MTV News)

Check out the rest of this week’s 10 Things To Know Now after the jump!

5.) Guys! Simon Cowell wants Demi Lovato back as a judge on “The X Factor!” PUH-RAISE REALITY T.V. GODS! (Just Jared)

6.) Notorious B.I.G. is back… as a cartoon ghost on a forthcoming animated show “The House Of Wallace,” starring Biggie’s two children. Better yet, the show will feature a full-on B.I.G soundtrack. (MTV News)

7.) Someone found a whole bunch of Taylor Swift‘s unopened fan mail in a dumpster! Which of course means we’re going to have to reprint and resend our “Haikus Inspired By T-Swift” manuscript. (Uproxx)

8.) “Goodies” news, everyone (get it?)! Ciara’s One Woman Army FINALLY got a release date! Watch out for the disc on June 4. (Rap Up)

9.) Watch Kerli talk about her new Utpia EP, music industry hardships, and how to get a flawless tan in a recent video interview. (VIBE)

10.) What would happen if your favorite pop star album covers (like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj‘s) were replaced with Furbys!?! Um, THESE AMAZING PHOTOS, that’s what. Thank you, internet. (BuzzFeed)

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