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10 Best Rapper Tweets In July (So Far)

10 Best Rapper Tweets In July (So Far)


By Andrew Christina

In a rare Twitter Q&A Monday, Jay-Z spontaneously answered fan questions about everything from his favorite cereal to his favorite Britney jam. While Hov has been busy blowing up Twitter this month with the release of his album and the impromptu Q&A, we’ve been keeping an eye on all of the other rappers who have been saying ridiculous things. Check out the top ten below.

10. Macklemore got a little cultured in France. Though, we’re not sure “frog” was the best choice.


9. Nicki Minaj is apparently a huge fan of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and took to Twitter to call out one cast member’s sketchy behavior.

8. Wale wouldn’t let the haters hate after the success of his number-one album, The Gifted.

  7. Mod Sun had way too much time on his hands.

6. B.o.B. Did someone ask for the time..?

5. Mac Miller prepped for the end. He is in his 20’s now, after all.

4. Meek Mill just couldn’t find anyone to chill with.

3. 50 Cent set out to prove he wasn’t in jail following alleged assault charges by posting pictures of himself all over his house. We could have guessed he had a home theater, but a home strip club?



2. Tyler, The Creator is a little angry over this whole whale thing. That or he’s stuck in caps lock.



1. Slim Thug did his best to convince Dwight Howard to sign with the Houston Rockets. All that “our bottle service is cheaper than LA’s” paid off: Howard chose Houston.



BONUS: Since she’s been offered a record deal from Chinga Chang Records and is rumored to be working with Waka Flocka, here’s one feel-good tweet from our favorite future hip-hop superstar.

Amanda Bynes

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